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Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is indexing?

Ans:   Indexing is the Registration of Radiography and MIPT (Medical Image Processing Technician) students

2.       Who are those eligible for indexing?

Ans:   Students eligible for indexing through their school are: –

          i) 300 level Radiography students

          ii) 2nd year MIPT

3.       How much is the fee for indexing?

Ans:   Indexing fees are as follows-

          i)   Radiography student   # 5000

          ii)   MIPT student            # 4000

4.       Who is eligible for registration with RRBN?

Ans:   Those eligible for Registration with RRBN are-

i)  Radiography graduates from RRBN accredited training institutions that            have completed their one-year compulsory internship.

ii)   Graduates of MIPT programmes of RRBN accredited institutions that      have completed their one-year attachment.

5.       When is the appropriate time frame for me to be registered?

Ans:   Immediately after completion of internship for Radiography graduates or Immediately after completion of one-year attachment for MIPT graduates.

6.       What are the documents to be submitted when applying for Registration?

Ans:  The documents to be submitted for Registration are-

          i)   Completed Registration form

          ii) Completed Guarantors form

          – Two passport size photographs

          – Photocopy of degree certificate

          – photocopy of oath certificate

          – Original letter of completion of internship

          – Duly signed logbook

          – photocopy of Birth Certificate

          – photocopy of C.T. or PGCUSS Certificate

          -Evidence of payment for Registration

7.       How much is the fee for new/fresh registration?

Ans:  Registration fee as at when due is #35,000 (#15,000 for Registration and #20,000 for Annual Practicing Licence)

8.       What is the difference between Registration and Licencing?

Ans:  Registration has to do with including one’s name in the RRBN Register. It is done only once. While Annual Licence is a yearly permit to practice Radiography profession in Nigeria.

9.       What is the duration of my Annual Practicing Licence?

Ans:  Annual Practicing Licence last for one year from January to December and is renewable every year.

10.     How long does it take for my Annual Practicing Licence to be processed and issued?

Ans:  New Registration is processed and issued within seven days (7) while Annual Practicing Licence is issued within 72hours

11.     How much fee is the Annual Practicing Licence?

Ans:   Annual Practicing licence fee is #20,000

12.     How much is the fee for Retired Radiographers, practicing or not practicing?

Ans:   Retired but practicing Radiographers Licence is #10,000 while retired but not practicing is #5,000

13.     Is there any other fee I may be asked to pay?

Ans:   There is fine of Five thousand naira only (#5000) for not paying for Annual Practicing Licence as at 31st March of any year.

14      Is there any obligation on me when outside of the country?

Ans:   Yes, you have to pay for Retainership.

15.     How much is the fee for Retainership?

Ans:   Retainership fee is #5000 yearly

16.     How do I add additional specialization to my existing qualification?

Ans:   You can send additional qualification to RRBN as attachment via e-mail – after payment of #10,000 or update your data via google link (

17.     What is the procedure for change of name?

Ans:   Write an application letter for change of name

          -Attach photocopies of Marriage Certificate and Newspaper Publication

          -Make payment of #5000 via remita

18.     How do I obtain my letter of Good Standing?

Ans:   Letter of good standing is obtained through verification of Radiographers by employers and other regulatory bodies.

19.     How do I update my information/data with the Board?

Ans:   Update your data via google links bit,do/rrbnregitration

20.     Paying for letter of good standing via Remita, which icon is to be chosen in the dialogue box?

Ans:    Select Tender fee in the dialogue boxUnder description, you write letter of good standing. For more enquiry contact- 08097995071, 0902906708.

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