The Institute of Radiography, simply referred to as the Institute, is the Education Arm of the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN) and was born in response to the Statutory Mandate of the RRBN Act Section 1c, Cap R1 Laws of the Federal of Nigeria (LFN) 2004, which states “…conducting examination in the profession and awarding certificates or diplomas to successful candidates as appropriate; and for such purpose the Board shall prescribe fees to be paid in respect thereof.” Sections 18 – 20 of the above law conferred on the Institute the powers to approve and supervise courses of Training in Radiography. From time of creation in 2004 to date, the Institute had evolved tremendously in pursuit of its statutory mandate. The Institute runs Annual Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) programmes for Radiographers, in addition to Supervisory and Accreditation exercises in Radiography Training Institutions. The Institute also participates in the training of Darkroom (Image Processing) Technicians and ensures strict compliance to Board’s recommended Curriculum in the approved Training Institutions. It is strongly advised that Radiographers should seek the opinion of the Institute in any colleges offering Darkroom Technician programme before collaboration with them. Towards the realization of the approved Fellowship Training in Radiography, the roadmap has been drafted and Curriculum Development Committees formed and charged with the relevant terms of reference. The Institute is involved in Publishing Journals, Research Papers and books on Medical Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging and Allied Sciences. We sincerely wish to encourage all Radiographers to participate in the Training Programmes of the Institute. The benefit is multi-fold: to the professional – it enhances your status and professional competence; to the profession – it uplifts our image and negotiation power in health sector. The Institute is open to all Radiographers/Imaging Scientists for your professional input and suggestion on ways to sustain our training programmes and serve you better.
July 20, 2022

CAVEAT / PUBLIC NOTICE on Training in India

List of Universities/Schools in India you should get clarification from the Board for before enrolling.
October 27, 2021


Kindly Download the form HERE. Fill, Scan and send as attachment to For more inquiries, contact Nigerian Institute of Radiographers on: 08097995076 or 09086804256
August 11, 2021

Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics for Radiographers

This Code of Conduct is issued by the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria. Click HERE to download/view.